How Anago Philadelphia Cleans Your Warehouse

Anago Offers Warehouse Cleaning

Anago is the go-to source for a wide range of industrial cleaning needs throughout the Philadelphia area, including warehouse cleaning services. Warehouses pose a host of challenges that traditional cleaning crews simply cannot address, such as reaching and effectively cleaning high ceilings and walls. We have the industrial cleaning contractor experience your warehouse needs to maintain a dirt-free, safe working environment for your employees and your products.

Dirt, mold and grime buildup are hazardous and expensive problems in a warehouse environment. Some of the problems that these seemingly harmless issues can cause are:

      • Inspection and code enforcement failures
      • Decreased efficiency of lighting and cooling fixtures
      • Increased utility costs
      • Dangerous combustion fire hazards
      • Decreased production potential
      • Damaged equipment
      • Reduced visibility
      • Allergen irritation
      • Unsafe work environment
      • Increased insurance premiums for all the reasons listed above

Anago Philadelphia’s trained team of warehouse technicians uses industrial scissor lifts and ceiling joists to access support poles and high-reaching walls that other cleaning crews cannot. FDA inspectors carefully check a variety of places, including beams, pipes, rafters, and skylights. Make sure that your warehouse passes assessment with a variety of services we offer including:

      • Scrubbing ceiling joists
      • Floor scrubbing
      • Wall washing
      • Mold removal
      • Ceiling cleaning

Our technicians must pass extensive and rigorous safety training before cleaning any warehouse. Our priorities are the safety of our staff and your warehouse equipment. Each of our technicians completes OSHA training and wears harnesses when using scissor lifts.

You production capacity is never affected by our cleaning efforts because our flexible cleaning schedule allows us work hard when your staff is away. Come back to a spotless warehouse cleaned by expert technicians who understand the challenges that this type of environment poses. You can place your faith in the most trusted name in industrial and warehouse cleaning services: Anago Philadelphia. Contact us today for a free on-site estimate and learn how we can provide an outstanding clean for your warehouse for an incredible price.