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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Steam Cleaning and Stain Removal in Philadelphia

carpet cleaningAnago Philadelphia has been a leading provider of commercial carpet cleaning services since 2003. Our exceptional staff of custodians have years of experience with routine cleanings and tackling deep carpet stains. A clean carpet leaves a positive, lasting impression on clients and customers, making carpet care an integral part of your personalized cleaning service plan.

There are several tools that we use to rid your carpet of unsightly stains. We use state-of-the-art cleaning appliances for routine vacuuming and cleaning. Other specialized equipment is used to complete three distinct methods of stain removal including:

1. Spot cleaning and stain removal

Our advanced spot cleaning methods are the best way to handle unsightly stains that plague your carpet. You can actually spread the stain without using the right cleaning techniques and solutions. Instead of having a bigger problem on your hands caused by store-bought cleaners, let the commercial carpet cleaning professionals at Anago Philadelphia handle it for you. Our team is well-versed in getting tough stains out of trouble areas via our dependable stain removal and spot cleaning methods.

2. Steam/hot water extraction

Once our custodians have assessed your carpet for problem areas, they will formulate a plan to get your carpets looking as good as new. There are several steps taken when utilizing this method of commercial carpet cleaning:

  • Vacuum with a heavy-duty commercial-grade vacuum. This process removes up to 80% of the dirt found in your carpet.
  • Our powerful pre-spray treatment is applied to all of the problem areas in your carpet, targeting the oil, dirt, grease, and other stains deep in your carpet.
  • Steam is then used to extract the parts of the stain that are deep within your carpet and then left to dry for 24 hours.

3. Dirt encapsulation/bonnet clean

Instead of using steam for commercial carpet cleaning, Anago Philadelphia also offers the option of bonnet cleaning and dirt encapsulation. This process uses a pre-spray that is left to soak into the carpet. The stain is then removed by a high-powered bonnet. Using a commercial-grade bonnet, we can achieve a thorough clean that dries in an hour or two. Our dirt encapsulation process inhibits allergen growth and reduces chemical irritants.

Encapsulation is another tool that our janitorial staff uses against tough stains. Our eco-friendly solutions travel deep into the fibers of your carpet to dissolve oil and other stains in your carpet. This process brings these contaminants to the surface for controlled evaporation.

For more information about these or other cleaning methods that we use to provide you with a deep, reliable clean, contact Anago Philadelphia today for a free on-site quote.